Assessing your population’s health and evaluating interventions’ effectiveness.
Leading subject matter experts to solve your health care challenges.
Improve employee and dependent health and wellness.
Evidence-based clinical interventions for employers, systems and plans.
Accelerating innovation through collaborations with industry leaders.

2016 Johns Hopkins Solutions Annual Report

We are pleased to share highlights of the work we have done in 2016, our fifth year as a business division within Johns Hopkins HealthCare, in service to the three health division schools. It was a year we reached our total revenue goal and distributed millions of dollars to departments, divisions, and faculty.

We achieved these financial milestones because 2016 also was a year of …

  • Sharpened mission and goals;
  • Strengthened and restructured team;
  • More fully integrating our four lines of business;
  • Meeting internal, client and market challenges.

Our experienced and talented team helped expand the reach and functionality of our highly regarded population health analytics tool. They enhanced our already successful employer onsite health clinics; brought to the health care and employer marketplace new and innovative programs and protocols and products; and facilitated dozens of faculty who engaged as consultants for regional and global corporations.

The Johns Hopkins Solutions team’s efforts have contributed to improved quality of care, enhanced employee and patient experiences, and reduced health care costs. And by their work, each has supported the departments, divisions and faculty by both bringing their knowledge to the world and providing non-research-based revenue to support their research, clinical and administrative efforts.