Remote patient management? There’s an app for that.

Connecting medical experts to their patients, emocha provides web-based solutions for access to care, adherence and data management.

Developed in 2008 by medical experts at Johns Hopkins University, emocha is a mobile health platform initially created to educate community health care workers treating HIV patients in remote regions of Uganda. Since its origins as a research and education tool, emocha has evolved in a dynamic platform for researchers and clinicians alike to connect with patients across the globe. A collaboration between leading medical and public health experts at Johns Hopkins, emocha is a proven platform that provides efficient tools to drive improved health outcomes while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Sophisticated and secure, emocha is a solution adherence, data management and care access that can address a myriad of diverse use cases from hepatitis c to dengue fever. emocha provides this functionality without sacrificing intimacy, allowing clinicians to work with patients and caregivers half a world away and still provide high quality care.

emocha is currently collaborating with a number of institutions and countries across the globe to help provide high quality care and improve health outcomes:

  • South Africa: emocha’s mobile tools are currently being utilized by 10,000 health care workers in 2,500 clinics to support treatment and management of Multi-Drug Resistant TB patients
  • India: using emocha, health care workers were able to screen for oral cancer by submitting images of 13,000 patients to one of six dental schools for remote assessment
  • Columbia: to control dengue fever, water containers are tested for harmful bacteria, photographed, geotagged and then barcoded for future testing. This data is then sent to emocha, which manages more than 25,000 of these photos to date.

To see what else emocha has to offer, visit emocha’s website.

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