Johns Hopkins ACG® System Wins PCSI Award

Sat, 16 Jan 2016

The Hague, Netherlands, January 2016Among a crowded field of nearly 100 entrants at the most recent Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) conference, the ACG System’s entry, “Case Finding & Population Profiling – Separate Disciplines or Both Sides of the Same Coin?” won the runner-up prize.

Presented by Alan Thompson and co-authored by Steve Sutch, the paper put a spotlight on the work done with Slough Clinical Commissioning Group in the UK. Challenging preconceptions about the factors driving high cost and utilization in a given population, the paper makes a case for the importance of profiling a population prior to undertaking an effective case finding.  Afterwards, sophisticated case finding techniques can be used to align available care programs with the needs of the population.

The conference, titled Towards Sustainable Health and Social Care Systems, focused on issues topping most health and social care agendas – case mix, health information, person-centered health care, value-based approaches, assessment and appropriate funding.

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In addition to taking home a prize, the ACG team conducted a conference workshop, “Improving Population Health Management Through Risk Adjustment” and gave an additional presentation on understanding and measuring patient coordination.

About Patient Classification Systems International

Patient Classification Systems Europe (PCSE) was founded in Lisbon in 1987. The organization brought about a network of researchers and users of the case mix concept. The organization’s goals now include an interest in ways of clustering and grouping clinical and administrative data for healthcare management and financing. As such, PCSE stimulated the use and refinement of the science of grouping patients within different levels of the health system.

Expansion of the organization throughout the world brought a name change to Patient Classification Systems International. PCSI is the only worldwide organization addressing case mix issues and has hundreds of members from five continents. Over the past couple of decades, the annual international conference has brought together a growing number of active participants from all over the world.

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