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Johns Hopkins Medicine Announces Collaboration with Healthways to Make Proven Weight-Loss Program Widely Available

Mon, 9 Jan 2012


Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty has consulted with Healthways (a global health and well-being improvement company) since 2002 to improve their disease management protocols and provide guidance on health care intervention programs and opportunities. Since 2011, JHM and Healthways have collaborated to bring to the commercial marketplace Innergy ™, an innovative call center-directed weight-loss program based upon the successful clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor Lawrence J. Appel. Healthways developed the commercial program and sells it as part of their wellness offerings to physicians and health systems, employers, health plans and governments. Johns Hopkins faculty advise Healthways on product design, implementation and enhancements and continuously evaluate the program and its outcomes to ensure quality and effectiveness.

The press release can be found here.