ARTICLE: Risk-adjustment System Improves Population Health Globally

Thu, 11 Dec 2014


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The standard for risk adjustment, The Johns Hopkins ACG® System boasts a customizable suite of tools that supports basic and complex applications in finance, administration, care delivery, and evaluative research.

The ACG System was developed from research conducted at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The System’s user base has grown from a few local colleagues to thousands of health care professionals and systems managing tens of millions of patients worldwide. The ACG System’s primary goal—improving the health of populations around the world.

The System is used to measure the health of populations within a health care system so that limited financial and clinical resources can be directed to the sickest populations.

The mission of the ACG System’s Research and Development Team is to

  • support health care systems’ use of their available information to measure the health care needs of their populations
  • provide equitable distribution and remuneration of services
  • identify ways to improve the efficiency of health care delivery

The ACG System’s team comes prepared with cutting-edge knowledge of electronic health record technology and information technology, advanced analytics and model development, and a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of international diagnostic and pharmaceutical coding systems.

The System supports basic and complex applications in

  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Care delivery
  • Research

The ACG System is flexible and customizable. In fact, no other risk adjustment methodology has been used for so many purposes in so many places, demonstrating high levels of both quantitative and qualitative success.

To acquire the The Johns Hopkins ACG System, or to learn more about it visit their website

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