Assessing your population’s health and evaluating interventions’ effectiveness.
Leading subject matter experts to solve your health care challenges.
Improve employee and dependent health and wellness.
Evidence-based clinical interventions for employers, systems and plans.
Accelerating innovation through collaborations with industry leaders.


Make Better Decisions

No one knows your business better than you. You and your team have a broad range of skills allowing you to produce and market your product or services in the face of a range of business challenges. Johns Hopkins Solutions brings together the broad range of skills needed to help you meet the challenge of managing your employees’ health and the related health care costs.

Subject Matter Expertise

Johns Hopkins lives those challenges every day, working to understand them and resolve them. We have been innovators in health care research, patient care, and medical education for more than 125 years. And for much of that time, Johns Hopkins clinical and administrative experts have been consulting with large employers and health systems to address the myriad challenges in health care including patient safety and quality, population health, health care analytics, compliance, ICD-10 conversion, and more.

More than simply subject experts, Johns Hopkins consultants often established and continue to define the subject. Our consulting services are used by the pharmaceutical industry, biotech firms, device manufacturers, payers and practitioners. Sometimes we consult for a few hours and other times our faculty and administrative leaders are engaged for long-term projects.


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