Are your print policies starting to take over your hospital?

Large health systems typically store thousands of their policies and related documents in binders that are maintained in departments across the organization. Most organizations are challenged to keep everyone’s binder up-to-date and to maintain a central location that’s easily accessible to affiliate hospitals. The binders are cumbersome; they aren’t searchable (impractical for quick reference, problematic when the Joint Commission visits) and require manual updating.

PolicyLogic is a web-based policy management application created to match the expanding digital needs of health care organizations. It serves as a policy and document database and repository promoting easy policy access and administrative efficiency.

A collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Department of Nursing, the Johns Hopkins Medicine Center for Information Services, and clinical staff who manage policies on a regular basis, PolicyLogic is designed for use in a health care environment by administrators, department directors, HR, nursing staff and other clinicians. The program is intuitive to use with a user-friendly interface, but it is far more sophisticated than most hospital policy management systems. It uses an HTML platform that looks and feels like a word processor and seamlessly manages policy updates, the review and approval processes, and document version control.


  • Policy Management: Robust administrative tools to simplify multi-organizational policies
  • Analytics: Administrative reporting and analytics to track and escalate missed views & approvals
  • Regulatory Requirements: Lessen audit pressure with quick, searchable database that meets Joint Commission requirements
  • Document Management: Text editor, version control, and archiving to minimize back-and-forth with documents
  • Document Consistency: Templates for every type of health system policy
  • Set-up: Delivered via cloud-based architecture for easy installation
  • Notifications: Notifies users automatically when policies are due for review
  • Advanced Workflows: Administrative settings built for a variety of workflow scenarios
  • E-approval: Quick, electronic approval process that meets regulatory requirements
  • Single Sign-on: allows users to sign on with their institutional username and password
  • Fully Searchable: Drill down to the right content with advanced filtering by keyword, category, and manual name
  • Favorites: Frequently-used policies and documents can be set as “favorites” with email notification of up-dates
  • Reference Manuals: Feature enables other manuals and documents to be linked to PolicyLogic
  • Pick-and-Click access: easily connects all hospitals across a health system
  • Downtime Access: Allows documents to be saved offline, on the network

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