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Innergy, the cure for the common diet


Ken knew he had to lose weight or risk developing major health problems.

Innergy: Weight loss that’s all about you

Ken is an assistant manager at a FedEx store in Orlando. In this video, he talks about what motivated him to try Innergy, a weight loss program that combines access to an interactive website with a specially trained behavior change coach, who connects regularly by phone with members to develop eating and exercise strategies they can use for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight throughout their lives.

For Ken, and hundreds of others nationwide, Innergy has become a convenient and effective weight loss program.

Innergy is an employee benefit offered by Healthways, Inc., a well-being company that is bringing to large employers a weight-loss program rooted in a successful multi-year clinical trial conducted by faculty of the Johns Hopkins University. The trial demonstrated that telephone coaching and a resource-rich interactive website were as effective as in-person programs for achieving at least a 5% loss of body weight and sustaining that loss for two years. The results were published in the November 2011 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine

Find out more about Innergy, and how large employers are bringing this healthy living benefit to their employees.