Blossom Self Guided

Blossom™: A Self-guided, Digital Program for
Diabetes Management and Overall Health


Diabetes is more than just a number on a glucose meter.

The Blossom self-guided program, developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine, can help participants learn valuable information based on their needs and interests. They can build skills for healthy eating, physical activity and coping with stress and hard times. Plus, Blossom integrates seamlessly with Fitbit® so participants can easily track food, weight and physical activity all from one easy-to-use platform.

Build and Maintain Healthy Habits

Blossom provides an interactive, self-guided journey where participants can move at their own pace to:


Personalize their goals
based on their specific needs

Focus on topics that
feel right to them.

Problem solve to
achieve goals.

Build and sustain
new, healthy habits.

Blossom goes beyond “the basics” to teach them important skills – like how to deal with food triggers, how to fit physical activity into any lifestyle, how to cope with a chronic illness and more. Plus, Blossom integrates with Fitbit for easy health tracking from anywhere.

After completing Blossom, participants will have the tools they need to build healthy habits, overcome setbacks and take care of their health.

What can participants expect?

See the Change, Be the Change

Blossom can help participants achieve and maintain consistent, healthy blood glucose levels,
enjoy more physical energy, and establish healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.

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