Helping your employees manage their health isn’t always easy, especially if they’re learning to cope with a recent diabetes diagnosis. They need to figure out the many changes they need to make all at once, from diet and exercise to medication and doctor visits. With additional work and family commitments to worry about, it doesn’t take much for them to get overwhelmed and give up.

Blossom™ is ready to help. Blossom makes diabetes management and healthy lifestyle adjustments easy.



Diabetes is Costly for U.S. Businesses


Lost productivity in the form of unplanned absenteeism due to diabetes management costs employers an extra $20.4 billion annually.*

Employees with diabetes miss an average of 5.5 extra work days per year. This amounts to nearly 58 million additional days of unplanned missed work.*

Helping Your Employees Live a Healthier Lifestyle


Assessing & Understanding Needs

Blossom’s research-driven lifestyle surveys help your employees assess their needs and identify stressors or behaviors that might be preventing them from taking the best possible care of themselves. Access to Blossom’s educational content ensures employees get the information they need to live the healthier lifestyle they want.

Streamlining Health Management

Blossom has everything your employees need to stay organized, all in one place. Employees can use Blossom to track weight, food, sleep and activity and connect to fitness apps.

A Team of Program-trained Experts

Making lasting lifestyle changes can be difficult – which is why we’ve built a support network for each participant in Blossom. Employees get a Personal Coach who can answer questions along the way and a Care Coordinator who can help connect them to a specialist Extended Care Team.

Help Your Employees and Your Business

Blossom makes it easier than ever for employees to get the tools, support and self-care guidance they need to help them lower their risk of complications and improve their health outcomes. And healthier employees contribute to a healthier business.

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