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Hospitalist Engagement Survey

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Gain insights into your hospitalists’ on-the-job satisfaction and the likelihood of retention.

The Hospitalist Engagement and Retention Survey


The cost of recruiting new hospitalists can easily exceed $10,000 per individual, and with the average turnover rate of 12.5% to 18%, recruitment can add significant costs financially. Conversely, retaining hospitalists can reduce costs. Research shows that an experienced hospitalist (2+ years) can reduce healthcare costs by $800 per case and decrease length of stay by a half-a-day.


The Hospitalist Engagement and Retention Survey is a report that rates hospitalists’ morale (in the full range of hospital settings) based upon a survey of hospitalists, implemented by Johns Hopkins. The results include a score that can be compared to other hospitals to help you gauge your staff against the national average so that steps can be taken to improve morale and retention.

  • Adequately measures hospitalist morale
  • Identifies areas for programmatic improvement
  • Increases overall hospitalist satisfaction and retention rates
  • Currently in use at many community and academic hospitals

For 130 years, Johns Hopkins Hospital has led the way in both biomedical discovery and health care, establishing the standard by which others follow and build upon. This is one of many faculty-developed programs, protocols and services provided by Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

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