Support Your Employees’ Emotional Health

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Emotional health issues are pretty common in the workplace.

Did you know that 42% of employees struggle at one time or another with some level of stress or anxiety, depression, substance abuse or some other emotional health issue caused by:

  • Pressures at work
  • Relationship problems
  • Poor physical health
  • Financial worries

More and more, employees expect their employers to support emotional health as strongly as physical health and offer policies, programs and an environment that is psychologically healthy and safe.

We have created this informative two-page guide to help managers support their employees’ emotional health. See the Manager’s Guide here.

What is Balance?

Balance is a program designed by Johns Hopkins Medicine to support employees struggling with their emotional health through early identification and comprehensive care coordination.

Balance includes four components:

ASSESS:  Employees take a confidential emotional health questionnaire online. Their results are available immediately and help determine where they are on their path to emotional health.

IDENTIFY: Based on the questionnaire results, a Balance Care Concierge may contact the employee to confidentially discuss the results and what support they may need and want. Together, they create an action plan to help the employee get in good emotional health.

REFER/TRIAGE:  The Care Concierge also connects the employee to the resources that will help them get in good emotional shape.

CHECK/FOLLOW UP/RE-EVALUATE:  The Care Concierge follows up with the employee to make sure they are getting the right care, at the right time, from the best resources for them.

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