At Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions, we bring the world’s best science from Johns Hopkins Medicine to employers, health plans and provider systems. Our solutions and programs help organizations improve people’s health and reduce health care costs.


Based on
Johns Hopkins science

Led by the human
touch – a personal
care team

Built on web and mobile
for scalability and

Focused on improving
overall health and well-being


We develop analytics-driven applications that help guide people to the care they need between visits to the doctor. We provide clinically-proven solutions, access to expert-trained coaches and value-based bundles for complex cases. Our solutions focus on empowering populations to take care of their health and well-being.

    • We use our population analytics tools to help you realize impact immediately.
    • We can target opportunities for cost savings by identifying avoidable use of high-cost services and ways to prevent and manage chronic conditions.
    • Our programs address your specific population’s needs.
    • We work with you to develop a culture of health and engage your population to use these programs to improve their health.
    • We can measure program utilization and outcomes to show how your investment is making a difference.

Leadership Team and Advisors

Melissa White Davis

Sarah Kachur, PharmD, M.B.A., B.C.A.C.P.

Harriet M. Martyn, M.S.P.H.

Alina Oseguera

Giulianna Peri, M.M.I.S.

Kumar Subramaniam, D.B.A.

Craig A. Williams, Ph.D.

Balance is a therapist-supported, digital behavioral health program that makes mental health care easier and more accessible.
The ACG System helps you combine a population-level perspective with patient-level behaviors and conditions, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your population’s unique health care needs.
Blossom is an interactive guide that combines biometric tech, expert advice and support from loved ones to help you assess, understand and optimize your fight against diabetes.
Work Stride offers cancer prevention and education, as well as personalized nurse navigation at each stage of the cancer journey. Designed for employees, dependents, caregivers and managers.