Assessing your population’s health and evaluating interventions’ effectiveness.
Leading subject matter experts to solve your health care challenges.
Improve employee and dependent health and wellness.
Evidence-based clinical interventions for employers, systems and plans.
Accelerating innovation through collaborations with industry leaders.

What We’re About

We’re about bringing Johns Hopkins health care to the world

Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions is a business team within Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our mission is to connect the marketplace to the innovative, research-based products and services derived from the work of our medical, public health and nursing faculty, clinicians, staff and students. Work that improves the health outcomes of populations. To do this we develop and manage collaborations with industry—accelerating innovation within our community and throughout the world.

We’re about improving population health

Through the work of Johns Hopkins HealthCare, we provide in-depth data analytics, interpretation and customization of population health data paired with design and implementation of care management plans and clinical interventions programs to meet the unique needs of varying populations. Our population health capabilities assist organizations, health systems, and governments measure outcomes and understand the health status of their populations. Our multifaceted approach to analyzing large-scale data includes:

  • Population health assessment
  • Interpretation and prioritization of health needs
  • Risk stratification and segmentation of population
  • Clinical interventions
  • Outcomes measurements
  • Web-based and nurse-navigated resources

Based on this approach, we develop interventions specific to the needs of each population. Analytics also plays an essential role in the ongoing implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the recommended health interventions. Solutions provides services founded on evidence-based research, clinical experience, and the management and delivery of health plans for populations— combining the expertise of the Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Johns Hopkins HealthCare.

We’re about excellence in research, patient care and education

Johns Hopkins MedicineJohns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a $6.7 billion integrated global health enterprise and one of the leading health care systems in the United States. The JHM vision that “Together, we will deliver the promise of medicine is supported by its mission to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Diverse and inclusive, JHM educates medical students, scientists, health care professionals and the public; conducts biomedical research; and provides patient-centered medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness. It operates six academic and community hospitals, four suburban health care and surgery centers, and more than 30 primary health care outpatient sites. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, opened in 1889, was ranked number one in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 21 years in a row and again in 2013 for a 22nd time.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthThe Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is dedicated to the education of a diverse group of research scientists and public health professionals working to the improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability around the world.

Protecting Health, Saving Lives-Millions at a Time, the Bloomberg School has advanced research, education and practice to create solutions to public health problems around the world. Faculty, staff and students have helped eradicate smallpox, made water safe to drink, improved child survival, reduced the spread of HIV and uncovered the dangers of tobacco smoke. Researchers and scientists are now discovering ways to eliminate malaria, increase healthy behavior, reduce the toll of chronic disease, improve the health of mothers and infants, and change the biology of aging. Every day, the Bloomberg School works to keep millions around the world safe from illness and injury by pioneering new research, deploying knowledge in the field and educating tomorrow’s public health leaders.

nursing.logo.small.horizontal.blueThe Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing mission is to improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service. The academic rigor of the programs, the extraordinary nursing scholarship of the faculty, and their reputation for shaping nursing graduates who are leaders in their profession position it as one of the top nursing schools in the U.S.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare SolutionsJohns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) develops and manages medical care contracts with organizations, government programs, and health care providers for more than 250,000 plan members. A dedicated advocate for our client-employers, patient-members and physician-providers, JHHC believes that collaboration between the three creates optimal results for patients and healthy financial outcomes for our providers and employers. Johns Hopkins HealthCare serves three lines of business: Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP), Priority Partners, and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan.

We’re about teamwork

Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions brings together a team of clinical, business, marketing and project experts who develop and nurture faculty and administrative innovations and business collaborations that help improve the health of the individual, the community and the world.


Bio Headshot

Kumar Subramaniam, D.B.A.
Associate Vice President, Innovation, Ventures & Solutions
Associate Faculty, Department of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Learn more about Kumar Subramaniam

Bio Headshot

Mark A. Cochran, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Learn more about Mark A. Cochran

Bio Headshot

Chad Abrams
Director of U.S. Operations, ACG System

Learn more about Chad Abrams

Bio Headshot

Marissa Alert, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Learn more about Marissa Alert

Bio Headshot

Alice Bauman
Senior Program Manager

Learn more about Alice Bauman

Bio Headshot

Susan Carr
Associate Director

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Melissa White Davis
Director, ACG System Product Marketing & Business Development

Learn more about Melissa White Davis

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Walter Fenner, M.B.A.
Senior Project Manager

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Bio Headshot

Seray Gardner
Product Architect

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Bio Headshot

Ian Grant, M.P.H.
Associate Director

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Traci Hanna
Project Manager

Learn more about Traci Hanna

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Sarah Kachur, PharmD, M.B.A., B.C.A.C.P.
Executive Director, Population Health Analytics, Strategy and Solutions

Learn more about Sarah Kachur

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Mandy Kearney
Project Manager

Learn more about Mandy Kearney

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Gong Li 
Population Health Analytics

Learn more about Gong Li

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Steve Libowitz, M.A.
Senior Director

Learn more about Steve Libowitz

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Harriet M. Martyn, M.S.P.H.
Associate Director

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Michelle Martin-Daniels, M.A.
Executive Assistant

Learn more about Michelle Martin-Daniels

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Volodymyr (Vlad) Melnyk
Senior Program Manager

Learn More About Volodymyr (Vlad) Melnyk

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Alina Oseguera
Director of Finance, Commercial Markets

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Bhumika Parikh
Senior Program Manager

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Giulianna Peri, M.M.I.S.
Director, Strategic Alliances

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Christopher Plumeri
Senior Financial Analyst

Learn more about Christopher Plumeri

Bio Headshot

Nicole R. Sokol, M.S.
Associate Director

Learn more about Nicole R. Sokol

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Eden Stotsky-Himelfarb, B.S.N., R.N., ONN-CG
Senior Oncology Nurse Navigator

Learn more about Eden Stotsky-Himelfarb


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Stuart M. Sutley, M.B.A.
Employer Business Development

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Danielle M. Thompson
Assistant Director

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Barb Van Buskirk
Director, Implementations

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Rose Wolfe, R.N., B.S.N., O.C.N., H.T.C.P., ONN-CG
Oncology Nurse Navigator

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