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Please Select Your Free Activity & Mobility Promotion (AMP)—ICU Rehabilitation Tools

    ICU WELCOME PACKET (patient and family information)
    • Introduction to the importance of early rehabilitation in the ICU
    • Introduction to confused thinking, agitation, and sleepiness ("delirium") in the ICU

    SEDATION, DELIRIUM AND SLEEP (for physicians, nurses)
    • ICU Sleep Checklist and 4 supporting studies
    • Pocket Card: Sample sedation protocol for ICU patients
    • Guidance for improving tolerance of endotracheal tube in awake patients
    • Video: Interview with an ICU survivor regarding the delirium experienced while in the ICU

    MOBILITY AND REHABILITATION GUIDELINES AND LOG BOOKS (for therapists, physicians, nurses)
    • Pocket Card: Safety guidelines for PT/OT referrals
    • Monitoring & documentation system for potential safety events & physiological changes for ICU rehabilitation
    • Use of iPads and apps by Occupational Therapists in an ICU
    COMING SOON: OT/PT log books with activity and safety coding system and instruction manual

    SCALES & SCORING (for therapists, physicians, nurses)
    • ICU Mobility Scale
    • Functional Status Score for the ICU (FSS-ICU)—in English, Spanish and Portuguese—with pocket card, FAQs, and instructions

    FINANCE/BUDGETING/ADMINISTRATION (for ICU leaders, therapists, physicians, nurses)
    • Customizable financial analysis Excel model to support ICU Rehab—includes user's guide

    • Comprehensive literature list from the Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Past Conference
    • Comprehensive reference list
    • Expert Consensus regarding safety criteria for mobilizing mechanically ventilated patients
    • Mobilization of intensive care patients: a multidisciplinary practical guide for clinicians
  • OTHER RESOURCES (Click on links below to access)
    Johns Hopkins Outcomes After Critical Illness and Surgery (OACIS)
    Welch Medical Library
    International network for early mobilization of mechanically ventilated intensive care patients
    ICU Liberation
    ICU Delirium and Cognitive Impairment Study Group