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Educate Patients about Opioid Addiction and Overdose

The misuse of and addiction to opioids has become a public health crisis so severe that overdoses are now reducing the average life expectancy in the US.

As providers, governments, and those in public health search for effective ways to curb or reverse this trend, very few patient-centered methods for helping those who are taking opioids to protect themself against overdose exist.

Developed for providers to share with individuals with general or no knowledge of opioid use and misuse, the Brief Opioid Overdose Knowledge (BOOK) program educates patients about opioid addiction and behaviors that increase their risk of an overdose before or while taking the medication, or promptly after they have survived an overdose.

BOOK is quick and easy to use, and does not require any training to administer. A brief questionnaire assesses patient awareness of opioids, overdose risks, and ways of responding to an overdose. If score indicates a gap in knowledge, provider directs patient to a short, self-paced, web-based opioid overdose knowledge intervention to close that gap.

The goal of BOOK program is to:

  • Help providers determine if patients need more education about the risk of their opioid prescription
  • Educate individuals about opioid addiction and overdose risks in a quick, easy way
  • Increase patient knowledge in such a way that it is maintained for long period of time
  • Reduce the likelihood that patients engage in behaviors that increase risk of opioid overdose
  • Fit comfortably into the workflow of a busy practice setting while empowering patients to protect themselves from an overdose

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