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Improving Mobility and Activity in the Hospital

Hospitalized patients generally spend much of their day in bed. Whether in the ICU or in other hospital units, immobility and its associated negative consequences increase length of stay and hospital-acquired harms, leading to worse patient outcomes.

The Johns Hopkins Activity & Mobility Promotion (AMP) interprofessional program aims to support hospitals and health care providers that want to change the culture of patient immobility. AMP provides frontline caregivers and hospital leaders with the tools and support needed to design and implement structured quality improvement processes to successfully increase patient activity and mobility.

Our AMP program includes:

  • Conferences and workshops
  • Online e-learning courses
  • Implementation guidance from Johns Hopkins experts, tailored to fit your hospital’s specific needs

Johns Hopkins offers programs that can improve mobility in the ICU, PICU and throughout the hospital.  Click here to learn more.