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Activity & Mobility Promotion (AMP)

Patient centered programs that promote a culture of mobility.




Hospitalized patients generally spend much of their day in bed. Whether in the ICU or in other hospital units, immobility and its associated negative consequences increase length of stay and hospital-acquired harms, leading to worse patient outcomes. Once at home after hospitalization, patients are often physically more vulnerable, with negative consequences such as increased falls, too often resulting in hospital re-admission.


The Activity & Mobility Promotion (AMP) multidisciplinary program aims to support hospitals and health care providers that want to change the culture of patient immobility. AMP provides frontline caregivers and hospital leaders with the tools and support needed to design and implement structured quality improvement processes to successfully increase patient activity and mobility.


Creating a culture of activity and mobility for patients while in the hospital or inpatient rehabilitation
Promoting early rehabilitation in the adult ICU
Promoting early mobilization in the pediatric ICU


To learn more about AMP and how it can be implemented in your hospital, register today for the 6th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference, and take advantage of the Early Bird discount, which expires June 30, 2017.


The Activity & Mobility Promotion program firmly establishes the concept that a systematic approach is beneficial in combatting the harms of immobility in our hospitals. In our Adult ICUs, Pediatric ICU, and throughout our hospital we have adopted structured quality improvement processes to promote a culture of activity and mobility.

Activity and mobility programs can reduce length of stay, decrease readmissions, and improve patient outcomes. Such programs are an excellent method to “bend the cost curve” via improving patient outcomes at a lower cost to the hospital.

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