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A multi-disciplinary approach to critical care for adults

Dale Needham, M.D. Intro to AMP-ICU


The AMP Adult ICU Early Rehabilitation program is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary intervention that has been proven safe for ICU patients, even those requiring endotracheal tubes, continuous hemodialysis and femoral catheters. The program’s goal is to reduce deep sedation and get patients mobilized and engaged in functional activities. When early intervention is started within a few days of initiating mechanical ventilation, patients experience less hospital-acquired impairments, have shorter length of stay, and are more often discharged to their home rather than to a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility.     Sign up for ICU Rehab monthly emails


Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy ICU Competencies ($495)

Competency materials utilized at Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to train physical and occupational therapists in adult ICU rehabilitation


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Critical Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Quality Assurance Toolkit ($49)

A collection of quality assurance forms, trackers and calculators used at Johns Hopkins. The toolkit is designed to efficiently monitor and evaluate physical rehabilitation and cognitive evaluations and interventions in the ICU, inclusive of physical therapy, occupational therapy intervention and delirium assessment.

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Complimentary Critical Care Rehabilitation Toolkit ($0)

Includes training materials, resources, and tools utilized at Johns Hopkins in developing and sustaining the Critical Care Rehabilitation program.


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Hospital Activity and Mobility Promotion Workshop

7th Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehab. Conference


Participate in our convenient AMP online courses for adult and pediatric ICU settings.

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